Montluçon-Guéret International Glide 2020開催ご案内

下記でご案内させて頂きました 2020年世界選手権フランス大会は2021年への延期に伴い、会場を当初予定していた Châlons en Champagne飛行場から、 Montluçon-Gueret飛行場に変更して開催することになりました。


会場変更に伴い、2020年はフランス選手権クラブクラス大会と兼ねて、プレ大会Montluçon-Guéret International Glide 2020を開催することになりましたのでご案内します。

Dear IGC Delegates,

Due to the very high number of applications received, the organisers would like to remind that the main goal of the Montluçon International Glide is to let the national teams discover Montluçon-Gueret for the WGC in 2021.

For this reason, we would be grateful to forward three major points to your national teams :

  • Each NAC must submit a list of max 6 pilots, ordered by priority, to  before the 30th of May 2020.
  • The maximum number of gliders is now 50 instead of 40.
  • Two classes will be set :
    • Club class (IGC handicap)
    • Merged Standard+15m+20m Two Seater Class (with FFVP handicaps)

Despite there will be no 20m gliders during the WGC 2021 In Montluçon, flying such gliders is a good opportunity to welcome more pilots.

Preliminary entries can be monitored on :

The entries will be confirmed on the 2nd of June 2021. 

Thank you.

Very Best Regards,


French delegate

Dear Gliding Friends,

Due to the COVID19, the French government has banned all sports competitions until at least the 31.07.2020. Therefore the French Nationals planned in Montluçon-Gueret in July is cancelled.

As a training for the 2021 WGC hosted on our platform, we warmly invite you to the “Montluçon-Gueret International Glide”.

The races will be from Sunday 16.8 to Saturday 22.8.2020

The IGC rules (Annex A) will be used in both the Club Class and a merged Standard+15m class with special handicaps.

The maximum number of gliders will be 40.

The registration fee : 195 €

Tow : 45 €.  

All competitors must comply the aeronautical, sporting and sanitary rules in force as well as the FFVP regulations.

The pilots representing their national aeroclub, such as national team members, will have the priority. Please ask your NAC to recommend you.

If we are not 100% sure that the competition can run, we will cancel it no later than the 15th of July.

In such case, the registration fees will be fully refund and we will do our best to welcome small groups to discover our airfield and the flying area.

For any details or to register, please contact Thierry PARIS, the contest director, or myself.
All informations (sport, accommodation, etc) are available on :

Take care of yourself.


See you in Montluçon-Gueret !

Béatrice de REYNAL 

President of the AAC

Thierry PARIS

Contest Director

Association aéronautique Creusoise 
AÉRODROME – 23170 LÉPAUD – T : +33 (0)5 55 65 74 21