Virtual gliding Lithuanian championship 2021 ご案内

リトアニアから Lithuanian Virtual Gliding Championships 2021 のご案内を頂いています。

Dear pilots,

We invite all fans of virtual and real gliding pilots, specially Juniors, who planning to participate in JEGC 2021,  to the 10th “Lithuanian Virtual Gliding Championships 2021”!

It is very good opportunity to fly in JEGC 2021 competition area with wonderful high-definition landscape,  with the same task points,  realistic weather conditions,  real airspace and to compete together with Lithuanian champions.

First Bulletin for 5th FAI Junior European gliding  championships will be publish soon.


Best regards

President of Lithuanian Gliding Federation

JEGC 2021 competition director

Vytautas Sabeckis


CONDOR championship invitation and rules 2021 V00_EN