[IGC] Sporting Code Section 3再改訂、Annex C/ Annex D 2020 版改訂のご案内


Sporting Code Section 3 2020版再改訂、Section 3 Annex C 2020版、Section 3 Annex D 2020版の改訂が発表されました

Section 3


3.1.9 The Code has been updated to allow declared distance records to be held jointly by more than one pilot equalling the same task. This agrees with the General Section reference regarding simultaneous records.

Section 3 Annex C

Section 3 Annex D

  • Better expression of the new SGP formula:
    Pilot_Rating_Score = 1000 – 400 × (Pilot_place – 1) / Number_of_pilots 
    reads much nicer (and might give less rise to questions) than
    Pilot_Rating_Score = 1000 – 20 × 20/Number_of_pilots ×
    (Pilot_place – 1)
  • Replaced the term “Pilot Score” with “Pilot Rating” which is the term used on the webpage (otherwise confusing)
  • Clarified that for the calculation of a Competition Rating the Pilot Rating values from the day of the start of the competition are used. Also clarified that Pilot Ratings change all the time due to new results being added and old ones getting devalued. To reflect this in full the IGC Ranking List should be automatically recalculated each day – which is impractical at the moment. Therefore the results as published at a certain date are to be regarded as the official results for that date, even though some changes might occur in case of a recalculation.
  • Added the term “eligible” to mark that participants of competitions might not be eligible to receive ranking points in certain cases, for example when changing team members in Two Seaters.
  • Clarified that a team in a Two Seater has been changed in an invalid way (as previously described) and the competition organizer has not dealt with this in the results data set the proper way (also previously described) the Ranking List team will handle this according to option 2, which is to create a new generic pilot, for example named “(team)”, with status set to “deceased” (so that this generic pilot can never be reused) and set as “HC” in the competition in question.
  • Clarification how to determine which season a championship belongs to. Normally this is not a problem but it does get tricky for championships like the South African Nationals that are held in the last week of September, sometimes first week of October. Logic dictates that it must be the end of a championship that determines the season and we have handled it that way throughout the years.