Baltic Cup international gliding competition 2019 Invitation

リトアニア航空協会よりBaltic Cup international gliding competition 2019のご案内が届いております。

Dear gliding enthusiasts,

In 1939, August 13-20 the first Baltic States aviation sports competition  initiated by Lithuanians was held in Lithuania. Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian aeromodellers,  gliding and aerobatics pilots took part in it. Unfortunately, the war that started  10 days later disrupted plans for the future.

Only in 1989  in Lithuania the second  Baltic States aviation sport competition was held. Parachutists,  aerobatic and glider pilots from nine Baltic states took part in the event.

This year, 2019, marks the 80th anniversary of the first Baltic States Aviation Sport competition. To commemorate this event Kaunas County Gliding Club, together with Lithuanian Gliding Sports Federation, is organizing the third Baltic States  gliding competition.

Kaunas region gliding club  is delighted to invite all national teams  ( especially from the Baltic sea countries) to take part in the Baltic Cup international gliding competition , which will take place at the airfield of Pociunai, Lithuania, from 3 – 11 August, 2019.

Competition classes include:

 Retro class (with handicaps under special rules)

 Mix-class (with handicap from 101  to 119 under IGC rules)

Entries will be accepted from  May 1st , 2019 to  July 21st, 2019.

Detailed schedule, pricing and all other related information can be found in the Bulletin that will be  published at the  end of January on the webpage 


Yours faithfully,

Vytautas Sabeckis

Invitation 2019